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Sound Control Technologies

Sound Control Technologies manufactures audio and video Middleware products for conferencing and presentation spaces. Products include: RC2™, RC4™, RC5™, RC6™, RC7™, RC8™ and RTK™ solutions.

Model: RC-SDA™

The RC-SDA™ is a single input, dual output distribution amplifier designed specifically for the Poly EagleEye IV and Poly EagleEye Director II with or without Poly codecs.
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RTK-Mini Info Video
Posted on Wednesday, October 20, 2021
The RTK-Mini extends the typical input connections on the Cisco Room Kit Mini over a single Cat cable. The RTK-MINI™ table extension kits provide a reliable “transparent” link between the table devices and Cisco Room Kit Mini. The RTK-MINI™ offers a cost and time saving alternative to traditional infrastructure cabling for HDMI, Touch 10 Ethernet and power, & USB.