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RDL, Radio Design Labs - DS-NMC1
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Network Remote Control with Screen

Model: DS-NMC1

  • Pushbutton Remote Control
  • Full-Color LCD Display
  • Individual or Group Level Adjustment
  • Mute Button with Screen Indication
  • Up to 8 Source Selections with Dante Routings
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Product Info

The D SERIES-NMC1 is a remote control that provides source selection and volume control at single or multiple locations. The -NMC1 connects to a digital network that may include compatible RDL audio and control modules as well as Dante devices from RDL and other manufacturers. The unit is menu-driven using a full-color LCD display. Each -NMC1 operates as a Controller or Satellite control permitting up to eight units to work together to control sources or levels. Setup is accomplished in a browser session hosted by the -NMC1. The installer enables menus and submenus required to provide the desired end user control, with the option of customizing the screen menu and function names.

Source Selection is uniquely powerful. Selecting a source on the screen menu sends a command to receive data on a particular Dante channel and simultaneously to route a specific channel from any Dante device on the network to the receiver. Each selection can also set the gain of the source and route that source to multiple amplifiers and set the operating level of the digital signal to each amplifier. Up to eight Dante routing settings are possible for each source selected including an option to clear existing routings.

Volume may be configured to adjust a group of Dante flows and/or to adjust each individual signal in the group separately. If individual attenuation levels are set to different values, the level offsets in dB are preserved while adjusting the group level. Audio Mute is provided on one button with an indicator on the screen.

Each DS-NMC1 is configured either as a Controller or a Satellite. When operating as the Controller, one or more satellite controls can be pointed at the Controller which arbitrates the requests and sends single commands to the devices the Controller is adjusting. When operating as a Satellite, it sends commands to a Controller which relays them to the controlled devices.

When adjustments are not being made, the -NMC1 display is dimmed. It returns to normal intensity upon any button push. Each function may be configured to automatically lock after 30 seconds of inactivity. When a function is locked, a button push sequence is required to unlock that function. The unlock sequence is programmable by the installer and may be reprogrammed if required.

The DS-NMC1 provides a wide range of capabilities for setting and adjusting sources and volumes. Navigation arrows guide the end user through the selection choi

  • Pushbutton Remote Control
  • Full-Color LCD Display
  • Individual or Group Level Adjustment
  • Mute Button with Screen Indication
  • Up to 8 Source Selections with Dante Routings
  • Sets or Clears Routings for Any Dante Device
  • Fully Programmable Functions and Names
  • Enable, Disable or Auto-Lock Each Function
  • Capability to Set Gains and Levels
  • May Operate as a Controller or a Satellite
  • Selectable Screen Display Themes
  • Compatible with DD-RN and Other RDL Products
  • PoE Powered
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