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Biamp - AudiaFLEX VoIP-2
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AudiaFLEX 2-channel Voice over Internet Protocol telephone interface card

Model: AudiaFLEX VoIP-2

Part #: 0244.900

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AudiaFLEX the most powerful high-definition conferencing solution ever created is now even more versatile. The new VoIP-2 Card for AudiaFLEX enables conferencing over VoIP directly from AudiaFLEX, with two channels of VoIP interface per card. Now you can receive and initiate calls without the need for VoIP adapters.  

Combined with the TI-2 Card and/or CODEC, the VoIP-2 Card lets you create redundancies within a conferencing system for multi-point conferences and/or back-up to VoIP lines. Additional advantages include: direct connectivity to SIP compliant VoIP call servers, and direct dialing and control of VoIP calls using daVinci software.   

VoIP-2 Dual-Channel Voice Over Internet Protocol Cards allow AudiaFLEX to connect directly to IP-based phone systems. Each line of the VoIP-2 includes caller ID, SIP Protocol, auto-answer, speed dial, hold capability, and call-progress tone level adjustment. Used in conjunction with AEC-2HD Dual-Channel Wideband Acoustic Echo Cancellation Input Cards and TI-2 Dual-Channel Telephone Interface Cards, the VoIP-2 Card makes AudiaFLEX the most powerful, flexible, and affordable telephone conferencing product available. Up to six VoIP-2 Cards can be installed into a single AudiaFLEX unit.
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