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Changsha Fuxing World Financial Center

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Changsha Fuxing World Financial Center
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Changsha Fuxing World Financial Center

The Changsha Fuxing World Financial Center is nearly 100 million square meters (24,000 acres) of development and including the global headquarters of the company, a five-star hotel, and international grade A office space, as well as shopping centers and commercial pedestrian areas. The tower of the building will reach 67 floors and have a height of 984 feet or nearly 300 meters. The center is expecting to be the largest and most comprehensive integrated business park in the central region of China.

For this outdoor project, they specified nearly 400 square meters of curved high-definition LED display from Planar's Lan Shuo. The design is in a fan-shape (a "double bridge" with two arcs bounding the top and bottom of the design). This is just one of many creative shaped LED displays that are in this complex.